Snacks for All

I admit it, I’m a big fan of snacking.  While I do enjoy dinners, snacks keep me going through the day.  It’s important to choose snack foods that are good for you though, here are some recipes that you can use to upgrade your snacks.

Trail Mix:

Almond lovers

Cranberry nut

Good morning gorp

Caramel corn party mix

Oat nut crunch

Nuts, seeds and papayas

Sweet Snacks:

Strawberry fool

Chocolate bark

Peanut butter granola balls

Dessert nachos

Blueberry smoothie

Orange banana smoothie

Quinoa, apricot nut clusters

Take Alongs:

Balls of energy

Breakfast bars

Fig and walnut bars

Apple pecan muffins

Whole wheat chocolate chip muffins

Apple cinnamon bars

Yam and jam muffins

Savory Snacks:

Chili tortilla chips

Mango salsa scoops

Green herb hummus

Flavored popcorn

Veggie chips

What are your go to snacks?

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