Cheery Cherry Choices

I can tell no lie, I like cherries!  In this season of all things love, red, pink and presidential, here are some delicious cherry flavored edibles.

Breakfast & Snacks

Crunchy granola

Cherry vanilla smoothie

Cherry berry tea smoothies

Cherry hungry caterpillar

Cherry jam

Cherry nut muffins


Cherry cheesecake

Chocolate cherry mice

Italian cherry bread pudding

Cherry pie

Chocolate cherry brioche

Tart cherry ice cream

Frozen banana split

Pineapple upside-down biscuits

Cherry winks

Chewy cherry almond bars

Cherry fudge

Cherries jubilee

Lemon cherry trifle

Cherry meringue bites

Cherry squares

Fruitcake drops 

Of course, you could always just eat your cherries au natural!  What’s your favorite thing to make with cherries?

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