Creating Random Acts of Kindness

This week we have the Random Acts of Kindness week, the week devoted to promoting and encouraging random acts of kindness.  If you’ve been following along on any of my blogs for a while you should have figured out that I love random acts of kindness.  I think it’s super important as a society to be considerate of and investing in the lives of others.  As I was perusing the RAK website, I ran across this article which talks about 10 things that science says will make you happy. The list includes things like

Savor Everyday Moments
Avoid Comparisons
Make Friends, Treasure Family
Smile Even When You Don’t Feel Like It
Give It Away, Give It Away Now!

Each person you meet is a waiting adventure in a random act of kindness.  You have the creative ability to inspire hope and share kindness in every life.

Some really simple ways to do RAK’s are:

-retweet tweets on twitter/like posts on facebook and reply to both too!


-include a special note with each item you sell.  It could be a “form” postcard that you just stick in the package each time, but letting your clients know that you appreciate the purchase and their choice to invest with you

-choose to fight and argue less, and communicate more (communication takes lots of creativity!).

-create!  Yes, making what you make can make someone’s day.

What intentional (or random) kind things will you do this week?

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