Game Day Foods

In just a few weeks we have the Superbowl game between the Patriots and the Giants.  Whether you’re a football fan or not, it’s the perfect opportunity to have some friends over and spend some time together enjoying each other’s company and some good food!


Nachos: greek, pork.

Dips: spinach and artichoke, chili cheese and beer, healthier tex mex, edamame and avocado.

Bites: fried deviled brie, garlic and parm stuffed mushrooms, cheesy pepperoni, herb cheese puffs.

And More: spicy popcorn, sweet and spicy peanuts, pizza twists, pita triangles.


Sandwiches: mini subs, turkey roll ups.

Pizza and more: spinach white, spicy pocket pies, bbq chicken, turnovers.

Wings: grilled chicken with cucumber yogurt sauce, asian style, buffalo with blue cheese.

And More: healthier super bean vegetarian chili, stuffed baked clams.


Strawberry shortcake nachos

Cheesecake brownies

Strawberry margarita cheesecake minis

Frozen neapolitans


Superbowl punch

Lime sherbet

Aloha shandy

Spicy red beer

Honey ginger limeade (non-alcoholic).

Do you have plans for the Superbowl?  If so, what are you planning to serve?

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