Creating with Thanks

January is national Thank You month here in the USA.  There’s been a big focus over the past few years in being more thankful in our day to day lives, not just in November, which is a great thing!  It also presents lots of opportunities for creatively showing our thanks to others.  Let’s talk about some of those creative ways.

1-the most obvious way is with thank you cards.  If you create and sell greeting cards, you should have several great thank you card options for people to purchase in a selection of quantities.

2-write the word “thankful” on a piece of jewelry or two.  The word alone can remind those who see it, as well as those who wear it, that there are things to be thankful for.  It can be written in beads on a bracelet or engraved into a pendant for a necklace, or on the band of a ring.

3-in all your correspondence make sure you say “thank you!” to those who purchase or show an interest in your work.  It shows you appreciate them even if they don’t actually buy from you.

4-give gifts or have an appreciation program.  It’s easy to include an extra card and envelope, or little instruction book on caring for their new jewelry, or discount card for a next purchase with someone’s order.  People love getting gifts, even if they’re something little because it shows you care about them.  They don’t have to be big or cost much but it’s those little things that can make a difference.

What creative ways can you show your customers (and family and friends) that you appreciate them?

2 thoughts on “Creating with Thanks

  1. I’m a big thank you card person. I still write out thank you’s for every gift or anything warranting a thank you. It’s a big deal to me. I hate giving gifts and not getting a note back. Sometimes they’re nice to make sure the gift was even received. Our social decorum does need a jump start.

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