Covered in Chocolate

It’s another wonderful Wednesday and today we’re talking about all things chocolate covered!

Chocolate cherry mice

Chocolate shredded coconut

Chocolate batons

Chocolate peanut butter balls

White chocolate snowballs

Chocolate drizzled trail mix

Chocolate church mice

Chocolate pretzels with sprinkles

Chocolate strawberries

Chocolate bananas

Chocolate almond toffee bars

Chocolate cherry cake

Chocolate vanilla biscotti

Chocolate coconut macaroons

Chocolate fruitcake

Scone nibbles

Hi hat cupcakes

Chocolate strawberry cakes

Chocolate nut and fruit covered matzo

Chocolate spoons

Chocolate turtles

Minted chocolate cookies

Chocolate pretzels

Chocolate marshmallow cookies

Chocolate covered marshmallows

And just so you have it, here’s a recipe to make chocolate dip to cover all those yummy options!

I’m going to start with the marshmallows, and then move onto something healthier like strawberries.  What do you like covered in chocolate?

Festival of Lights

The holidays are all about the lights!  I’ve seen a lot of great decorations this year, and these are just a few to help you light up the night:

Bright night lights

Circle of light

Floating oranges

Tin can lantern

Shooting stars

Tree of lights

Lighting stars

Cinnamon candle

Paper doily wreath

Let it glow

Jar luminarias

Holiday trees

Starry night basket

Paper bag lanterns

What do you like to do with lights?