FF: Gone Foofie

Happy Friday! Today we’re talking with Jess from Gone Foofie!  Jess has created some amazing footstools that are fit for a queen.  Her creativity is evident!

Why are you passionate about footstools and creativity? 

I’ve been creative all my life. With my mom’s help, I started the neighborhood “Craft Club” when I was in kindergarten. Over the years, I’ve studied art, drawing, painting, etc. and love the freedom that creativity brings. There are no restrictions! Why footstools? I also love being unique.

What got you started with footstools and creativity as a hobby/business?

In the summer of 2010, I was out shopping with my mom at a local thrift store and picked up a book on fusing for $3. Not being able to sew (or have the patience) for more than a loose button or two, I was fascinated with the techniques and the projects one could do with a little practice. In this book was an adorable footstool. I said to myself, “Now THAT is cute!” I had been crying for several days as I was not having any luck with job hunting so I knelt down that night after shopping with mom and prayed. About a week later, Foofie hit me!

Do you have a favorite footstools you’ve designed?

Ah, a favorite. It’s hard for me to really say which is my favorite. I spend so much time with them, they develop their own little personalities. Since I must choose, I’d have to say these are my favorites: Knockout, Gilded Beauty, Not Too Shabby, and Caribbean Bliss.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I do have plans to build my own vanity stools. I’m currently in the “Research & Development” stage for those as well as lamps, picture frames, various home accents. I’d like to get into doggie and kitty beds as well as a possible bridal line and new baby. I think that’s it…oh no wait…there’s pillows, curtains, and bedspreads…Ok, I think that’s it. I think.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

Be faithful to God and stay true to yourself. Always stay positive. Success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes patience and good old fashion hard work. Listen to your gut and surround yourself with positive people. Remember: If another man can do it, so can I!

You can connect with Jess and Gone Foofie on her website, Etsy and Facebook.

Thanks Jess!   I’m inspired by your creativity, I think I’ll go do some painting…


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