Pie Day!

December is a month of fun and festive activities, and the month starts off right with pie day December 1st.

Fruit Pies

Caramel apple pie, cherry pie, cranberry apple pie, apple pecan pie, pumpkin pie, key lime pie, kiwi lime pie, frozen lemonade pie, pear and sour cherry pie.

Pies with Chocolate

Chocolate chess pie, triple layer chocolate pumpkin pie, chocolate black bottom pie, chocolate cream pie, brownie pie, eclair pie, cafe au lait pie, smore pie.

Pies with Nuts

Honey nut crunch pie, pecan pie, more pecan pie, peanut butter pie.

Cream Pies

Black raspberry cream pie, easy ice cream pie, coconut custard pie, cranberry ice cream pie, banana cream pie, cookies and cream pie, holiday eggnog pie, grasshopper pie, millionaire pie.

Better Choices

Lightened pumpkin pie, gluten free pie crust, moo-less chocolate pie.

Tiny Tastes

Peach pie pops, apple fried pies, whoopee pies, cranberry pies, cranberry meringue pies, pumpkin chiffon pies.

Yum!  Some of those pies look really yummy.  I think my favorite is either pecan, pumpkin or key lime.   What’s your favorite pie to eat and do you have a favorite to make?

One thought on “Pie Day!

  1. I like heath bar pie, pumpkin, peanut butter cup, buttermilk, and banana cream. I’m a nut for pie. For the longest time, my mother and I had a tradition to go out once a week for pie night. It was so great. We need to do that again.

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