FF: Dale Anne Potter

Happy Friday!  Today we’re talking with Dale Anne who is a textile mixed media artist.  She creates works of art with words, quilting, painting, fabric, and nature.

Why are you passionate about mixed media, textiles and being creative?

ART brings me JOY everyday.  13 year ago, I came to realize ART is part of my daily life and my life is ART.  I call myself a Textile Mixed Media artist because I usually start an artwork using a textile of some kind and then add non-textile items to it.

What got you started with mixed media as a hobby/business?

I started quilting 29 years ago. In 2001, I wanted something more from quilting & started playing with my own designs plus exploring ideas with paper, collage, altered books, stamps, etc. I started calling myself an Artist and exhibiting my work.

Do you have a few favorite items you’ve made?

I’ve had many favourites over the years…. My first exhibited pieced was a favourite – still is: Sedna, Inuit Goddess of the Sea.   My first hand painted piece was “Wildflowers“, and my latest favourite is my “O Canada” piece.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I find myself always evolving and this past June, I had the good future to visit Madrid, Spain – not only see AWESOME architecture but to view some Masters artwork in one of the art museums.  I see my work going from pictorial to more contemporary/abstract  The colours and lines are calling me!

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

I always tell my students to “OPEN YOUR EYES”, inspiration is all around us, we just have to learn to SEE.  The trees show us lines and many shades of green.  The sky shows us many shades of blue, but also the amazing colours of a storm brewing, the movement of the clouds – in fact, just the other day, I was pointing out that the clouds were like someone had done cross hatching with a huge paint brush.  The landscape shows us many colours, and lines.  The architecture gives us endless possibilities of design.  Our homes – look at the profile of a lamp, that design could be the start of something big.

You can connect with Dale Anne at her website, Facebook, Twitter, Zazzle, Red Bubble, Cafe Press, YouTube, and Talk Fusion.

Thank you Dale Anne!  I love your reminder to open our eyes!  Opening mine today meant seeing a beautiful sunset!

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