Beautiful Breads

The holidays have a lot of great flavors, so to get started, let’s start with the basics.  Today we’re talking about bread.  Bread is a staple for many families and the holidays are a perfect time to be baking homemade bread.  Whether you have it ready for breakfast or you serve it on the table for guests, here are some yummy recipes to try.

Basic Breads:

No knead dinner rolls, buttery crescent rolls, sourdough bread, honey wheat bread, golden pita bread, mulit-grain sunflower bread, sandwich rye bread, honey oatmeal bread, gluten free whole grain bread, artisan bread bowls, oatmeal breakfast bread.

Savory choices:

Skillet cornbread, garlic rosemary flatbread, rosemary cornbread, herb focaccia, harvest grains bread with grape seed flour, golden cheese bread.

Sweet Slices:

Banana walnut loaf, coconut pineapple, cranberry bread, Irish soda bread, eggnog bread, pumpkin spice quick bread, wreath bread, challah bread, orange spice bread, turtle bread, pistachio poppy bread, apricot orange cranberry bread, cinnamon bread, fruit and nut braid.

I love sourdough breads, as well as sweet breads.  What are your favorite breads?

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