Cranberry Celebrations

One of my favorite fall foods are cranberries.  Unfortunately, they get buried beneath pumpkins, apples and turkeys.  So I decided we should have a whole day to celebrate them!  Here are some of my favorite recipes and a fun idea or two.


Popcorn and cranberry garland, cranberry flower frog, pumpkin and cranberry chandelier, cranberry bead wreath (you could substitute real cranberries too!), creative candles and cranberries, a bunch of cranberry crafts, cranberries and christmas ornaments, more decoration ideas with cranberries.


Breakfasts & Breads:

Cranberry cream cheese pinwheels, homemade granola, cranberry soda bread, cranberry pecan muffins, St Lucia’s braided bread, cranberry crumb muffins, apple cranberry spice muffins, cranberry orange scones, apple french toast with cranberries and pecans, cranberry apple quick bread, apple cranberry bread pudding, cranberry orange holiday bread, corn and cranberry muffins with chia seeds, christmas scones recipe, cranberry applesauce muffins, cranberry butter, fruit and nut toaster cakes, cranberry maple sausage skillet, cranberry lemon scones.

Pies & Cakes:

Cranberry apple pie, pear and cranberry crisps, cranberry upside-down cake, mini cranberry meringue pie, cranberry trifle, white chocolate and cranberry pie.


Couscous with apples, cranberries and herbs, cranberry sauce, turkey and cranberry ravioli, acorn squash with cranberries.

Desserts & Cookies:

Cider cranberry sauce, cranberry ice cream pie, festive chocolate bark, oatmeal cranberry and chocolate chunk cookies, cranberry applesauce, apple cranberry fruit leather, cranberry raisin oatmeal cookies, cranberry thumbprints, cranberry poached pears, yogurt cranberry coffeecake, cranberry white chocolate drops, red roosters, cranberry granita, date and cranberry pinwheels, cranberry strudel rolls, cranberry raspberry salad, cranberry chai cupcakes, cranberry rice pudding, cranberry date bars, cranberry macadamia bars.


Sparkling star punch, cranberry cheesecake shake, cranberry and orange vodka, berry mimosa mocktail, mulled cranberry cocktail, cranberry cocktail protein smoothie, cranberry cocktails, cranberry apple crush, cranberry apple tea, mulled cranberry punch.

What will you do with the bright red fruits this holiday season?  I’d love to hear your ideas and see your creations!  Share your ideas and pictures below.


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