Spooky Snacks

It’s Halloween and since I love food, I’ve scared up some spooky recipes to inspire your taste buds.

Snack, Dinner & Drinks:

Salsa and cheddar dip with witch hats, spooky punch, spider web fritters, mexican pumpkin punch, screaming hot peanuts, sinister salsa, savory pumpkin puffs, dilled onion cheese balls, witch hat calzones, strawberry cider, bug garnish, pizza mummies, orange hot chocolate, dark and spooky (a drink).


Pecan caramel spiders, candy corn parfait, candy corn cordials, red velvet brain cupcakes, brain cookies, pumpkin pudding, candy corn cupcakes, wicked cupcakes, ghastly meringues, spiderweb brownies, wicked witch cupcakes, mini monster cupcakes, pudding filled cupcakes, candy corn cookies, ghost cakes, green monster cupcakes, October parfait, candy corn freeze, gingerbread skeletons, jell-o monster.  And for decorating your favorite foods, check out these Halloween ideas from King Arthur.

What are your favorites?  I am looking forward to a few witch and monster cupcakes myself!


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