Hauntingly Halloween

Can you believe it? Halloween is one week away!  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite halloween decorations and crafts that I’ve seen this year.  What are you making?

Snakes and Spiders:

Snake wreath, spider egg, string spider web, yarn spider, egg carton spiders.

Spooky Lights:

Table lanterns, snake and frog lanterns, spirit jugs, house-o-lantern, candleeyebra.


Clothespin bats, Mickey Mouse bats.


Lawn tombstones, candy filled tombstones.


Ghost prints, floating ghosts, cheesecloth ghosts.


Candy holder, treat cup.

More Scary Ideas:

Witch and cat lawn ornaments, zombie pumpkins, silhouette curtains, paper mice, potato stamp, spooky thumbprints.

What a fun bunch of ideas! I’m excited to do some last minute decorating and crafting.  Do you decorate for Halloween?


3 thoughts on “Hauntingly Halloween

  1. Halloween is a great time of year, my kids no longer trick or treat but I make sure that I decorate for the other kids that do! We should always try to make each Halloween memorable for all those goblins, witches and ghosts!

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