Out to the Ballgame

This week the World Series of baseball begins.  The Rangers and Cardinals will be battling it head to head for the title of champion.  Here are some fun party ideas for all fans to play around with:


This pencil topper will almost make your fan want to do their homework

Baseball fans will love this fan

Remember your first game well

Make your own baseball keychain

Try this on for size for a little baseball themed Halloween fun

For perfect game ending send-offs fill these bags

Get comfy for the game


Caramel corn, nachos supremo, caramel popcorn balls.

Chicago style hot dogs, burgers, turkey sausage sandwich, Texas corn dog, pulled pork sandwich, bulldog dogs, hero sandwiches.

Home run cupcakes, grand slam cupcakes, baseball cupcakes, baseball cupcakes, balls and gloves.


For your event you’ll either want to do baseball’s red and white or you can go with the colors of your favirite team (even if they didn’t make it in the playoffs), or you can go with Rangers and Cardinals colors.  You can spread the colors throughout the party including streamers, plates, silverware and what you wear.

To decorate your table or buffet line, try bases, leather string and peanut bags for place cards.

Will you be planning a baseball party this year?  I’d love to hear your suggestions.


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