FF: Jewelry by Debby Designs

Happy Friday!  Today we’re talking with Debby from Jewelry by Debby Designs. Debbie has an amazing gift for creating jewelry, and her skills extend beyond the jewelry board.

Why are you passionate about jewelry and being creative?

I always loved jewelry, even as a child. When I was a teen I loved goudy rhinestones, the vintage pieces Grandma had tucked away. Grandma gave me her pins and I would wear the jewelry with Mom’s Cashmere sweater from the 50’s and patch Levi jeans. Jewelry was my thing. I made a few necklaces out of seed beads in teen camp but nothing to brag about.

What got you started with jewelry and creativity as a hobby/business?

I started making jewelry when my Mother asked me to help her with a jewelry project 5 years ago. I’m hooked and been designing ever since. My mother is an artist and metal smiths. Growing up I was surrounded by talented people in my family. Grandma Iris taught me the saying, “IF THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY”. I use that lesson through life’s journey. I admire those with strength and vision like my Grandma, Mother and Dad, Bernie. Afterwards I started buying my supplies at a craft store, shopping for material online and at Gem shows. I became addicted to creating unusual jewelry pieces, and eclectic jewelry. I then set up a hobby/business and started selling on Etsy.com, Art Fire.com, did a few craft shows and a boutique owner found me.

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve designed?

I like my Hand Stamp Jewelry. I use different metals (Copper, Silver, Brass, and Gold) and crystals with a sterling ball chain. I like my record Jewelry which is unique made out of recycle old scratched vinyl records melted into wonderful bracelets.  My Sea Glass Jewelry is another of my favorite picked off the shore of Southernmost Beach in Key West FLA.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I want to continue designing, continue to learn new techniques and grow. I’m hope to become a well know jewelry designer and artist (I paint too). I enjoy meeting other artisans and appreciate their work. The boutique I have my jewelry (Schon on the Boulevard) does charity work monthly and the owners, employees and artisans give back to community. I will be selling my painting soon.

I make jewelry and donate for good cause. I made a charm bracelet for animal rescue, cancer bracelets and bracelet for children charity and I will be volunteering to teach less fortunate children art classes soon. It’s rewarding and you meet good people with good spirit.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

My tips to fellow jewelry artist and artisans. Love what you do, share with other artisans, get involved in an art groups, guild, meet people in the art world, and community. Don’t worry about the small stuff like copy cats, everyone copies in a sense. Be unique, have fun designing and creating.

I will NEVER go back to the corporate world ever again. I’m much happier doing what I love and surrounding  myself with positive people with creative minds and common interest.

“A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.” James Allen

You can connect with Debby on Etsy, Artfire, her website, her Wix site, and Facebook.

~Thank you Debby!  I love your work and look forward to seeing your paintings and new jewelry inspirations soon!


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