FF: Ginalimosaics

Today’s special guest is Gina of Ginalimosaics.  She creates beautiful works of art from sea glass and beach pottery.

Why are you passionate about jewelry, mosaics and being creative?

The passion behind my art mosaics and sea glass jewelry comes from living in the Aegean Sea area, namely  on the island of Rhodes in Greece. The colors of the sea and sky and the beautiful hues in the abundance of wildflowers in Greece. Also the architecture of ancient Greece and the neoclassical era gives me inspiration.

What got you started with jewelry, mosaics and creativity as a hobby and business?

I lived on the island for over 20 years. While there I was an entertainer in music and upon my return to the USA, in 2005, I really needed a creative outlet but no longer had the desire of late night stage life. I have always loved mosaics and the different techniques by various artists. So after doing hours of research, on the internet, I decided to attempt a mosaic table. From there I got the bug in me and made mirrors, wall hangings and art. While on my yearly trips back to Rhodes I started collecting sea glass, from the local beaches, to add to my  mosaics and then started a line of sea glass jewelry after that.

I actually didn’t start selling my art until 2008 because I had a good friend that pushed me in that direction. I never thought I could have my own business in art or that people would actually want to pay for something I made. I was wrong, and I’m very happy my dear friend was right! I have featured in many art leagues and art shows and since January 2010 I decided to sell on Etsy. It’s been a wonderful learning process, and slow at times but I am happy that I have a good following of return clients and a special few customers have become adored cyber friends of mine. That is a wonderful feeling. Thankfully I don’t have to depend on my creations to survive but I have a wonderful husband who admires, supports and encourages my creativity.

Do you have any favorite pieces you’ve designed?

Here are some of my favorite creations to date, you will recognize the color of the Aegean sea, that I love so much, in these:  Mosaic Mermaid, dolphins tropical fish in stained glass; Bib Necklace, blue, sea glass, floral, beaded; Embellished Picture Frame blue and white vintage beaded flowers.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I would love someday to be financially independent because of my art and in the beginning of the new year of 2012 I will concentrate on what works and what doesn’t for my Etsy shop. Because I love creativity of all kinds I tend to go off in several different directions, as is apparent in my shop listings. So I will try to compose the shop a bit better and perfect 2 or 3 techniques and stick with them. I also just opened a new Etsy shop to share some of my beautiful sea glass and beach pottery supplies for other jewelry and mosaic artists.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

The best tip or advice I would share is to trust your instinct in your art, if you love it many others will too. Also, networking with good cyber karma, meaning, don’t just promote yourself but stop once in a while and help out a newbie in that area too.

You can connect with Gina on her blog, GinaLimosaics Etsy shop, Agapiglass Etsy shop, website, Facebook, and on Twitter.

Of course I love Gina’s work because it’s all beach inspired!  Thank you for sharing Gina!


9 thoughts on “FF: Ginalimosaics

  1. Georgia Constantin says:

    Gina is the epitome of graciousness, empathy, great imagination, fantastic creativity and the creator amazing one-of-a-kind art.

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