Craft Party

I love crafting, and the US has stepped up to make a holiday for all of us crafters!  This week is American Craft Week!  To celebrate, I thought we should talk about getting together and crafting with our friends, so here are some ideas to make your next crafting event with your friends a success!

The Event:

-make sure you pick a location with lots of light, lots of space and lots of tables or comfy chairs depending on your crafting activity.  Also consider looking for a place with electrical outlets for glue guns and other creative tools.

The Craft Time:

-have everyone bring some supplies with them, either paper, string, beads, glue, special scissors, or other creative materials of choice to share the cost as well as bring different supplies to the fun.  After all, you’ll each shop in different stores and have different creative items you’ve gathered over the years that are different than what someone else would have found.
-do have some basics like a hole punch, paper trimmer, regular scissors, plain white paper, pens and pencils available.
-have internet access as well as books and resources available to get creatively inspired or check on details.

The Food Time:

For those who want to get creative:
-home made pizza where everyone can add their own toppings
-a taco bar with lots of toppings and options
-fondue options for appetizers, dinner and desserts
-a brownie bar or ice cream sundae bar

If you want to keep it simple:
-provide easy to eat foods like soups, sandwiches and veggies and chips with dip.
-dessert can include cookies, mini banana beignets, and cookie dough truffles.
-you could even order from a place like Panera Bread or a deli who will provide some easy to enjoy foods, no cooking required.

What would your craft party celebrate?  I’d love to hear your ideas.


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