Creative Organizing

One of my passions is organizing, and this being “Get Organized” week in the USA has inspired me to encourage you to get your creative space organized.  Here are a couple of suggestions that you could use to free up your creativity, and have an easier time finding things.


If you do nothing else, take the time to use removable labels on your boxes and storage containers.  You can either use plain white mailing labels that you can either remove or cover over or you can use a labeling machine to make pretty labels. This will help you find your supplies quicker and get creating sooner!


There are tons of options for storage.  One is to turn a closet into your creative storage space.  If the closet is super big, like a walk-in, you can install a desk and make it your personal craft space.  If it’s not a big closet, you can install shelving to store all your boxes.  Another option is to turn your work table into an organized storage space.  You can build shelves on rollers or buy a couple of carts to store all of your supplies in (and label!).

Other tips & tricks:

-try a pegboard.  This is a great way to keep all your crafting scissors, tape, even stencils organized and easily accessible.
-if you do create your storage space under your work table, you can wrap the table in a fabric curtain to hide the boxes.
-if you’re not finding the right containers, get creative and try some kitchen organizers.  If you still are stuck, get creative and customize your containers with duct tape, cardboard or other items that will help you create what you want from what you have.

What about you?  What challenges do you have in your creative space?  Share them in the comments and I’ll share a tip or thought to get you started.


2 thoughts on “Creative Organizing

  1. I use quite a few kitchen organizers. I like the baskets that stack on top of each other. I label each basket by jewelry type such as necklaces – then when I sell a necklace I just pull that basket out. I also like the shelves that stack on top of each other to double the storage space. So handy.

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