FF: Shot With My Phone

Today’s special guest is Naveen Konduri.  He does some really cool work with his iphone, and has taken what many of us just see as an extra camera into a form of creativity.

Why are you passionate about photography and being creative?

As we live our busy lives doing this and that we often forget to appreciate the wonder and beauty which is all around us. Photography is my way of trying to capture these moments and appreciating them. Hoping that these photos would encouraging others to look around them and find small joys in the every day life we lead. We don’t have to look forward for expensive vacations just look around and you will find something to interest you.

Most of the pictures I take are usually when I walk to work or while I am running in the evening, it just amazes me on how much I can shoot on a road I walk every day, every day there is something new, something fresh.

What got you started with iphones and photography as a hobby/business?

There have been many moments in the past when I’ve wished I had my camera on me to capture an amazing moment such as a cloud pattern I noticed when I suddenly looked up,  the way light reflected of a window pane,  the shadows cast by a street lamp. I have always wanted to constantly capture those simple fleeting moments which make my life come alive.

I have fulfilled this craving by becoming an “Iphonographer” (a term loosely used to describe someone who uses an iPhone as a camera). My camera is my phone, and my dark room, the plethora of apps I use to process my photos on the go.

Do you have a favorite photo you’ve taken?
Here is a collection I created just for you, it’s some of my favorite work, from flowers and rainbows to bridges and birds.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I will continue to explore the world around me, take more pictures, share them with the world and hope they bring joy to people who view them :).

Do you have any tips or inspiration to share?

Enjoy the moment, At the end of the day it is not just about what others think or how many times your photo gets “liked” or retweeted, but about the smile it will bring to your face, and the joy of capturing a fleeting moment which you would have missed if not for your handy phone camera. Enjoy the journey.

You can connect with Naveen on Twitter, Facebook, on his Shot With My Phone blog, and personal blog (lots more photography!)

~Thank you Naveen! I love the reminder that sometimes the simple stuff is exactly what we need to be reminded that creativity and beauty is all around us.

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