Fall Food Favorites

There are some fabulous foods that we can enjoy especially during the fall season, here are a couple of all day ideas.


Apple turnovers, apple crostata, apple raisin muffins, applesauce pancakes, ham and swiss breakfast pie, turkey apple patties, pumpkin smoothie.

Snacks & Drinks:

Rosemary chips, spicy cashews, ginger, honey and apple martinis, mulled wine, bourbon coolers, sparkling ginger cider, cinnamon raisin soft pretzels.


Butternut and ham bisque, chicken and biscuit pie, slow cooked chili, harvest salad, autumn minestrone soup, Spiced Apple Cider Soup with Sweet Potato Dumplings, Quince, and Dates, chicken florentine artichoke bake, smashed potato soup, shrimp and thousand island dressing, baked brie with pear chutney, tri-colore orzo, chicken pasta.


Aut-yum leaves, corny cookies, cranberry and apple crumble, sweet scarecrows, Swedish apple pie, spiced hermits, autumnal parfait, gingered butternut squash pie, white chocolate sweet potato cake, honey cake with caramelized pears, molasses spice cake, vanilla-bean baked apples, snickerdoodle pie, sweet potato cupcakes, glazed figs.

What about you? What are your favorite recipes to make in the fall?


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