Fall Creativity

Fall is just about here, and while I’m not a big fan of fall temperatures, fall certainly has many ways to inspire our creativity.

Leaves are in abundance as they fall down to the ground in the fall.  Not only do they inspire us with their falling, and myriad of shapes, they inspire us with their colors.  Fall certainly wouldn’t be fall in the Northeast USA without stopping to gaze at the stunning reds, oranges, and yellows that cover the trees.

Animals are also very busy in the fall, as many animals gather food to survive through cold temperatures, there are plenty of opportunities to be inspired by their cuteness as they scurry around.  They’re just as busy as you are, so have that camera ready to capture them before they run away.

Pumpkins are a favorite for both creating and cooking with.  Whether you like baked seeds or pumpkin pie, there are lots of fun food options with pumpkins and others in the gourd family.  If you’re looking to do something with the actual pumpkin, what could be more fun than creating a face or more creative design in a pumpkin?  I always get excited when I see a pumpkin with something besides a scary or cute face.  And don’t forget to get creative with your gourds too-they’re great for candle holders, bowls, painting, vases and more!

What about you?  What fall items inspire your creativity?  Share your suggestions below.

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