I think breakfast is one of the best meals of the day.  What you have for breakfast definitely determines how the rest of your day goes.  You may be a big breakfast person, swear by oatmeal, love dry cereal or prefer a bagel and coffee.  If you’re looking for some new breakfast ideas, here are some great ones to get your fall started.


Hash brown strata, mushroom asparagus and tofu quiches, eggs & bacon pitas, light Colorado quiche, scrambled egg nests, huevos rancheros, breakfast sandwiches, mini frittatas, hash brown eggs.

Breads & muffins:

Cranberry granola bread, Maple bran muffins, ham and cheese muffins, strawberry scones, apple cranberry spice muffins, chocolate chip muffins, double apple-walnut bread, jammy scones, buckwheat pancakes, low-fat blueberry bran muffins, quinoa muffins, cherry scones, gluten-free ginger oatmeal muffins, pear and granola muffins, banana pina colada muffins, gluten-free popovers, gorilla bread.

Cookies & sweets:

Banana oat cookies, cranberry cream cheese pinwheels, no bake granola bars, oatmeal breakfast berry bars, no bake cereal bars, mini sticky buns.


Blueberry smoothies,pomegranate smoothies, pineapple crush smoothie.


breakfast pizza, fruit & granola parfait, no-fry french toast, veggie pancakes, breakfast sandwich pizzas, breakfast crostini.

What about you?  What’s your favorite breakfast?  Share your favorites and ideas that you’ve put together over the years below.


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