Growing Up Creative

I love creativity, and part of the reason I’m so enthusiastic about creativity is because I’ve been creative my whole life.  I was raised in a home where creativity was encouraged and reading was required.  Reading helped stir creative thoughts and ideas within me.  What can you do to inspire creativity in the next generation?

take lots of pictures of nature and post them on Facebook, around the web, in your house and on your phone.  Just yesterday I was asked by a little 2 year old what the picture on my phone was and I was able to talk with them about a picture I took of some tulips near my parent’s house this spring.

Have supplies:
this is the simplest thing you can do to put creativity in front of kids. If you have the supplies they’ll be more likely to ask for them and use them, especially if you make it a big deal that they can use some of yours 🙂

Plan creativity:
if creativity isn’t planned, kids don’t always remember they can do it.  Ask the kids to help you with dinner, have crafts planned for the weekend or after school, make trips to Michaels and other local craft stores with the kids, and show your kids what you’re doing too!

Talk about it:
instead of asking your kids what they did that day in school, ask them what they drew, what they wrote, or what fun activities they did.  Get them thinking creatively.  Asking their teachers what creative ways the kids are engaged is important too.  When you go on vacation ask them creative questions and questions about creative things you see or do.

The only way creativity will thrive with the next generation is if we encourage it.  What do you do to share creativity with the next generation?


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