Back to School Celebration

You may not be celebrating this event, but maybe a little celebration will help your kids get back into the school mode. Don’t forget to ask your teacher if nuts are allowed in the classroom!

Crafts & Fun:

Crafts: use clay to make little locker buddy creatures or pretty necklaces to wear to the first day of school, make this cool pencil can, origami finger puppets, roll-up pencil kit, marbleized pencils, pipe cleaner creatures, a pencil topper to make doing homework more fun, or make this scary backpack monster!

Fun: give the kids plenty of time to run around a play tag or have the party at a park where they can play on playground equipment and get the sillies out.


Snack: gorp, honey nut balls, mini flatbread pizza, sweet potato chips, earth day bars, animal chips, date nut bars, fruit and nut treats.

Lunch: blt wraps, ham & cheese quesadillas, alphabet pasta salad, lunch box taco salad, super salad pita, sub sandwich, sandwich on a stick.

Dessert: apple cupcakes, pencil cake, school bus cake, blackboard cupcake, school bus cupcake.


Bright colors are a great way to decorate, have school themed items like school buses, play ground pictures and even “lunch boxes” for the kids to eat from.


Let the kids walk away with fond memories and some fun things to help them on their first day back like pencils, colored pencils, a little sharpener, a small calculator, cool mini erasers, a coloring book or stamps.

I hope your kids are ready for back to school, having a fun party might help them get in the mood!  I’d love to hear your back to school stories too!


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