FF: Garden Vibe Jewelry

Happy Friday!  Today we’re talking with Keri who has a passion for creating beautiful nature-inspired jewelry.

Why are you passionate about jewelry and being creative?  

I fell in love with art as a young girl, spending every spare minute on drawing and painting. I taught myself to draw portraits of people and loved to paint landscapes. I would often go out to my garden, or to the forest near my home with a sketch pad and draw for hours. My time spent on artistic pursuits gave way to becoming a Mom and going to school for Nursing. In more recent years, with my Nursing career well established and my beautiful Daughter all grown up, I found myself longing to return to my love of art. I love having art in my life because it affords me a means of self expression. Much of what I express in my work is based on what I have loved and have learned from nature and gardening. Hence, the name GardenVibe Lady Gear was given to
my Etsy shop.

What got you started with jewelry and being creative as a hobby/business?

I began making my own jewelry because I was tired of shopping for jewelry in Department stores and Boutiques, that was, in my opinion, rather nondescript. There was nothing special or creative about what I was finding in stores. No charm, no thought behind what was being made. Just assembly line style fodder that could be found anywhere. So, with that said, I studied the art of Jewelry making, bought supplies and began putting together jewelry that incorporates glass, gemstones, wood, and metal. More recently, I have taken my jewelry making in an even more creative direction and have begun making my own pendants and beads out of polymer clay. In this way, I can offer jewelry that incorporates little vignettes of what I love about gardening and nature.

What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve created?

I especially love the Bird pendants, floral themed pieces like my Indian Paintbrush necklace, and my Bobbie pins are a super sweet accent for hairstyling

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I recently did a custom order for earring beads. That was rewarding for me. The idea of someone taking my creativity and combining it with their own creative sense is exciting to me. So future plans are to begin offering my polymer clay beads and pendants as jewelry findings for other jewelry artists to incorporate into their own designs.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

My biggest tip is if you love creativity, don’t wait to pursue your interest. There is no better day than today to get started.

You can connect with Keri on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and at her blog.

Thank you for sharing Keri!  I love your work and how natural it all is.  So beautiful!


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