The Sands of Summer

One of the fun things that summer is known for are sand sculptures. although I’m not a professional (usually my sculptures deserve to be taken by the waves), my attempts have taught me much about life and creativity.

Sand sculpting starts with a good foundation.  If your base is weak, the whole thing is in jeopardy.

You’ve got to have water to sculpt.  Dry sand just doesn’t cut it if you want to get off the ground.

Tools are very very helpful in making beautiful sculptures.  Maybe some tools would have helped me make a better sculpture…

These three tips are so crucial to making a sand sculpture, but they’re also important for life and creativity.

If you’re making a beautiful stained glass window, but you use tin foil as your structure instead of wire, all your work will be wasted.  If you’re trying to be successful, raise a family, or live a whole live, you’ve got to have values and principles that guide you.

No matter how beautiful the paints are, if you don’t rinse in between colors, your painting will be ruined.  Also true if you drink only soda, juice or alcoholic beverages.  There’s got to be water in and around you.

The best people in life are only as good as their tools.  You could have the cure for cancer, but if you can’t bring it to people or tell anyone about it, what’s the point?  And your jewelry will be pretty pointless if you can’t make a hole in it to put the wire through.

What lessons has this summer taught you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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