FF: Juergen Roth Photography

Happy Friday!  Today we’re speaking with Juergen Roth of Nature Fine Art.  He’s a beautiful nature photographer!

Why are you passionate about photography?

I love to spend outdoors and connect with nature. New England is a fabulous terrain to do so and I couldn’t ask for more. Photography takes it one step further for me and I love to capture these precious moments as well as things that may go lost or unseen in the hectic world us living in these days. I also enjoy the technical and compositional challenges to convey this through within landscape, seascape and flower photography.

What got you started with photography and being creative as a hobby/business?

At around 19 or 20 I kind of “stole” my Dad’s camera. He wasn’t using it regularly and it was just sitting in his office. I started using it more and more until finally I was able to call it my own. It was a pretty fancy Pentax and did a fine job taking photographs. A couple years later I moved from a small town near Cologne to West Berlin. Berlin was hip and wild. The art scene was and still is very remarkable and I very much enjoyed it for my 10 year stay in Berlin before migrating to Boston. Here my photography elevated to the next level and I try to keep improving with every composition and photograph I take.

Do you have a favorite photo you’ve taken or location to photograph?

I very much enjoy local photography and macro flower photography in and around Boston. Creating abstracts of the common such as Zantedeschia has become a top priority. Usually the latest photo always becomes the greatest and immediately turns into one of my favorite. A good example is Teary Rose Leaf and Genki Spark. All time favorites are Sudbury River, my Cape Cod boat photography collection and the misty birch trees in the Boston Arnold Arboretum. I am very happy and proud of my recent rose and leaf photographs. I am also very much in favor of my human forms in nature series where I look for human resemblance when I get out in the field.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I will keep exploring the beauty of New England. This year I will capture parts of Cape Cod. I also have plans to go back to the White Mountains … lots of hiking and photography on the way. In addition I am looking into Baxter State Park and Acadia National Park for fall photography. Florida everglades may become an option in the winter. Next year I am planning a trip to Europe … probably Italy, France or Spain … checking in with my family near Cologne is a must! I am writing a regular nature photography blog where I provide tons of photo tips, discuss my photos in more detail, and tell the story behind my photos. I am thinking about publishing a photography book and providing photography workshops in Boston and New England.  I will be online selling my photography artwork 24/7, worldwide on canvas, prints, framed, matted, and as greeting cards.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

Keep chasing the light as often as possible and strive for your best photographs to capture these marvelous moments. Make your photography and business locally work first and then branch out to new territories.

You can connect with Juergen and see all his amazing photography on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, his website, and blog.

Thank you Juergen!  I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful artwork around the world!

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