Creamsicle Celebrations

Another delicious food holiday is celebrated in August, the 14th national creamsicle day.  Whether you’re a fan of the creamy ice cream treats or not, here are some fun twists and creative ideas to be inspired by the creamsicle.


Smoky creamsicle float, creamsicle smoothie, creamsicle cake, creamsicle slushy, creamsicle pie, creamy vanilla orange cheesecake, orange creamsicle pancakes, buttermilk creamsicle panna cotta, striped orange creamsicles, frozen “creamsicle” cake, creamsicle pudding.

Creative with Creamsicles:

Creamsicle lip balm, creamsicle soap, creamsicle mosaic teapot, creamsicle candle, creamsicle glass earrings. (These are Etsy items, first come first serve.  Ask the seller if you’re interested and they’ve sold it already.)

Creamsicle Events:

You may not be ready to have a whole event centered around a ice cream treat, but it could be fun!  Creamsicle orange is a ton of fun to pair with aqua, or just pair creamsicle orange with creamsicle pink.  You can serve other foods that are orange and pink, decorate with orange and pink balloons, and serve food on white plates.  Polka dots, stripes or swatches can help break up the color if you’re worried about being overwhelmed.  Of course you can display beautiful orange, pink and white flower arrangements, as well as give your guests fun orange and pink favors to bring home.

What events would be great for creamsicles? Why any, of course!  A baby shower, wedding, or even Sunday brunch.

Bring your next ice cream party or event to life with a little creamsicle color.

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