Inspiration from America

August is American Artist appreciation month.  I love all things creative, but it’s fun to remember and appreciate those who do American art.  What inspiration did they, and can you find around America?

This is the first and foremost thing that I think of for so many American artists.  Whether you think of John James Audubon,Thomas Moran, or TC Steele, nature has inspired countless artists, and will continue to.

Red, white and blue
It’s so simple, but so American.  The inspiration of these 3 colors have made their way into countless paintings and other artworks around America.

Lines, lots of lines
We may be an inspirational country, but we still can appreciate the simple things.  Some of the most creative and unique artworks have been inspired and based on the simple line.

Growth and change
Throughout America’s history there has been a lot of growth and change.  It seems as though we’ve never stopped growing and changing. If you’re in the mood for some dramatic and changing art work, check out the inspiration of Jackson Pollock.  Georgia O’Keefe also captured some growth and change from nature to people and culture.

What better way to represent America than by depicting some of her people?  One of the American artists who included people in their artwork was Grandma Moses.  Her work brings people and nature together.

Mixed media
America has long been called the “Melting Pot” and art has followed suit.  With all the different artistic inspirations and tools available, it’s not surprising that mixed media art has really taken off and found a home in America.

Of course, I should mention some of the up and coming American artists: Julia Forsyth, Theresa MacNaughton, Laurie Anderson, and Michelle Bernard.

What about you?  What American artists, styles and artwork inspire you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and inspirations below.

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