Celebrating with Watermelon

I don’t know about you but I love watermelon.  It’s been really delicious this year.  August 3rd, National Watermelon Day, has passed, but there’s no reason not to celebrate watermelon every day!


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Watermelon coconut cooler, watermelon punch and bowl, sunrise smoothie, watermelon ginger limeade, watermelon lemonade, watermelon sherbert smoothies.

Crafts & Fun:

Watermelon pinata, melon brain, melon manor, watermelon picnic caddy, and don’t forget to have a watermelon seed spitting contest!

Decorating ideas:

Have pink, green and black plates, decorate with pink and green and accents of black, or black with accents of green and pink, and, as a couple recipes above suggest, use the actual watermelon in your decorating too!

Whether you like watermelon right from the melon, or you like to get fancy with it, enjoy some watermelon this week!  Share your ideas for a fun watermelon themed party below.


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