The Value of Invention

There are many things I love about creativity, the least of which is not invention.  It’s so awesome to think about all the things that have been invented throughout history.  A couple examples are boats, houses, ice cream, computers, phones, the internet and light bulbs.  Many things that have been invented of late are technology related, but some of the most useful things that have been invented are the simplest.

Each time you do a different jewelry design, create a new stained glass lamp, create a new recipe, chip something out of stone or draw a new design, in a way, you’re inventing something new!  “To create” is part of the definition of “invent!”

Why should we keep creating and inventing?  Well, for one there is lots more beauty to be revealed to the world.  There are mysteries that still have yet to be seen, magical creations that need to be shared with others, foods that need to be used in new ways, and people who need to get busy!

What about you?  Will you be inventing a new product that will revolutionize the world?  Perhaps you will bring clean water to distant regions, find new sources of energy, invent a new career or create a new form of art.  Don’t worry that your invention is too little to matter, each and every invention and creation contributes something of value to the world.  Although you may not see that value in your lifetime, if you’ve invented something creative, you’ve made an important contribution to someone’s life, if not your own.  Each time you pick up your pencil, cookbook, carving tools or paintbrush, you’re getting ready to stretch your imagination, grow some brain cells and inspire someone.

I’d love to hear about your latest creative inventions and projects.  Share what you’re working on below.


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