FF: Honey Bee Affairs

Today’s guest is Becky, she’s passionate about all things creative, especially crochet.

Why are you passionate about crochet and being creative?

From a very young age I was a crafty person. Unlike most children, I would choose Popsicle sticks, markers, & glitter over watching television anyday! Crochet is something that I’ve always been around. My grandmother was an avid crocheter, always making sundresses and blankets for me. As I got older and started to understand the concept of crocheting, I took interest in learning — and it just seemed to come so naturally to me. Ever since then I’ve been crocheting; 11 years now. I would have to say that my passion comes from my Grandmother. She was the original inspiration for my crocheting. In 2008 when she passed away, I went on a “crocheting hiatus” — everything got packed away in a closet for about 2 years because I needed to heal. Eventually I got to a point where crocheting became an outlet, and even though it did remind me of my Grandmother, it was good and made me happy. And my crocheting creativeness has been flowing since then.

What got you started with crochet and being creative as a business?

Starting the business happened last summer. I figured since it was something I was passionate about doing, and really enjoyed doing, why not start a business?! Plus, I kept getting requests from friends because everyone wanted me to make stuff for them, and quite a few people had even suggested taking my hobby to the business level. So, HoneyBeeAffairs was born!

Do you have a favorite design to make?

My current favorite is the textured design that I use for the washcloths in my shop. It’s a fun & fancy design!  I also like these Flip Flop Coasters — they are so summer-y and fun. They can make any home feel like a beach home! And the Soap Saver Sack  — I use mine everyday in the shower. It’s such a nifty item to have, and it’s one of the most universal gifts to give to anyone!

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

The future of HoneyBeeAffairs is quite exciting! I’m looking forward to doing a few craft shows this fall, as well as expanding my inventory in my Etsy shop. The future is always unpredictable with my shop — I’m constantly coming up with new ideas and crocheting new things to add to my shop, so there’s no telling what new item will pop up in my shop next!

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share? 

For a long time I was actually embarrassed to be a crafty person, especially a crocheter. A 17 year old who would rather stay home & crochet on the weekends instead of going out to the mall and the movies, tends to get picked on for being a “grandma”. So I let that hang over my head for a while; I still crocheted but wasn’t open about it. Things have definitely changed since then. I’m 24 now, and since then I’ve realized that if you are passionate about something and you really enjoy doing something, do NOT let ANYONE make you feel inferior about it. Be proud to show off what you do. Be confident in what you do! I absolutely LOVE to wear my items, and I love when people ask “where did you get that from?!” and being able to say “I made it!”

You can connect with Becky on Twitter, Facebook and visit her Etsy shop.

Thanks Becky!  I love those sandals as well!  I look forward to seeing what awesome things you come up with, and I’m thankful that you decided to be proud about what you do and like.

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