Creativity: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

This month we’ve been talking a lot about creativity.  It’s been fun to share lots of creative friends on Twitter as well as for Feature Friday.  You can say a lot about the changes that have happened throughout time, we’re no longer living in caves, and have fun things like sushi, computers and hybrid cars.  We’re also going to work in suits and shorts, working from home and offices around the world.  Honestly though, I wouldn’t want to be living in a cave and trying to get by on the food I can pick or catch, so maybe some change is good.  Something that does seem to have lasted the test of time is creativity.   Creativity doesn’t lose it’s power to impress with the passing of time.


I’m always amazed by the ancient buildings we have around the world, those from the Egyptians, Incas and Aztecs, as well as other ancient civilizations around the world.  Another lasting bit of creativity that still has the modern world going in circles is the Mayan Calendar which beautifully depicts major changes for the world in 2012.  More recently are the paintings of creatives like Van Gogh, Picasso and Michelangelo.  And of course we can’t forget the work of the Greeks, and Romans.  All of these people and civilizations has contributed something creative that has helped to shape our world into what we see today.


We’ve got some awesome things going on in the creative world today.  We’re mimicking nature, designing with clean lines, being personal, using all different mediums, and trying new things.  We’re enthralled by the past and learning how to be creative with the prevalence of the internet.  Creativity is everywhere from food and homes to decorated laptop lids and businesses.  If you’re looking, it’s easy to spot 10 creative ideas from anywhere you are in the world.


What does the future of creativity hold?  Well, that’s up to you!  As a writer I’m privileged to see many different artists’ work in connection with my Feature Friday posts.  I’m always amazed at the potential each artist has for where their creativity could take them.  Each and every time we all do our creative thing, we’re helping to shape the future of not only the creative world, but the whole world.

What about you?  What inspires you past and present?  What do you think the world of the future will look like with your creative contributions?

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