FF: Paper Shell Art

Today our beautiful guest on Feature Friday is Michele from Paper Shell Art.  Michele does some fabulous things with paper and some other creative objects.

Why are you passionate about paper and origami?

I’ve always been very into arts and crafts. Instead of buying my mother something for her birthday, christmas, or mother’s day – I would always make something, and she was always so much more thrilled to have a handmade gift. The process is what keeps me at it though. It’s basically like therapy to me. The repetition of folding and folding is the most relaxing process for me as an artist.

What got you started with origami and being creative as a hobby/business?

I started origami after my mother bought my a couple ‘how to’ origami books for christmas two and a half years ago. Most of them were filled with simple designs, like birds, boxes, etc. But one had a design for an omega star, also called a christmas star. This origami model really started my obsession with paper. My passion for it began after I saw a documentary in my college math class called – Between the Folds. It delves into various types of origami and the beauty behind them all. At that point my eyes were opened to the endless possibilities of paper folding.

Where did you come up with these amazing designs?

The Kusudama Paper Flower was actually one of the gifts I made for my mother and grandmother one year for mother’s day. (You can see my favorite flower, as well as Michele’s other work at her etsy shop.)

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

For the future I plan to do a majority of custom orders, mainly for weddings. That was my plan from the beginning at least, who knows what directions I may head. I’ve now gotten into crocheting too, so I may try to create some crochet flower bouquets.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

My only tip for everyone is to never stop creating, whether it’s music, art, food, anything you love to make, make it. There is a peace when you create something with your hands, it calms your troubled mind and helps you through the day. So create, create, create!

You can catch up with Michele on Etsy, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and at her blog.

Thanks Michele!  I’m so inspired by what you’ve done with origami flowers, they’re beautiful!

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