Creative Vacations

It’s summer here in the USA!  Are you planning a vacation?  If so, here are 10 great destinations and a creative idea that you can do with the kids and some treasures you find there!

Beach: Whether you choose a tropical island, Myrtle Beach, or the beach around the corner, after you’ve had your fun in the water and spent some time in the sun, gather some empty shells, sea glass, drift wood and other beach treasures to create jewelry from!

Fossil: One really cool experience for the family is visiting a dig.  There are many places around the USA where you can participate in a dig including U-Dig, and Fossil Safari.  When you get home, try making fossil imprints of some things you have around the house to see what your things would look like fossilized!  Here are two recipes that will get you started (Kaboose, Family Fun).

Inventors: Visit the studio of an inventor like Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver or the Wright Brothers.  When you’re done touring around their inventions, make an invention yourself!  Get creative and make an improvement to something you use every day, or make your own idea come to life!

Caves: Caves are tons of fun to visit. Stop by Carlsbad, Lava Beds or Wind Cave. You’ll be greeted by stalagmites, stalactites, pools of water and maybe an animal or two! When you’re all done exploring, create your own cave creatures, maybe a bat, maybe a mysterious creature from deep down.

Waterparks: Who wouldn’t want to visit a water park when it’s 100 degrees out?  But the water fun doesn’t have to end when you get home!  Have your kids design their own water parks on paper, and even try to make them using things around the house!

Historical: There are some really cool places around the US that still look as they did when their original occupants lived in them.  Visit the Aztec Ruins, Knife River dwellings, or Mesa Verde.  Take lots of pictures while you’re there so you have lots of inspiration to use when you create pots, jewelry, paintings, tepees, wigwam, or even a mini canoe when you get home.

Volcano/Geysers: If Yellowstone or Hot Springs is on your itenerary, your kids will love to make their own volcano or geyser when they get home!   Make sure to stick around and see the geyser erupt first though!

Statues: Whether you visit Mt. Rushmore or get your picture taken near Crazy Horse, It’s awesome to see what people have created out of stone.  Fun at home starts with some clay, what will you look like made of clay?

Music: Wherever you go throughout the USA you’ll hear music.  Whether it’s blues, jazz, rock or hip hop, you’ll find lots of history and cool tunes around.  Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, and Chicago are all waiting for you! Don’t forget to pick up an instrument, sing a song or write a tune when you get home.

Mansions: It’s fun to see what it looks like inside those large sweeping estates.  Stretch your kids imagination and dreams with a visit to Hearst Castle or the Vanderbilt estate.  At home, give your kids paper and pencils or a shoebox and let them create the castle or estate of their dreams.

What about you?  Where will you be vacationing this summer? Don’t forget to look for creative inspiration!

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