Summer Fun for the Kids

If you’ve got kids, you know they’re off for the summer, they’re probably yelling and playing in the background now.  If you haven’t had a chance to think of what you’re going to do with them for the next two months, here are some of my favorite ideas.

-magazines of all kinds are a great distraction.  Not only can kids put beautiful collages together, you can also get fun craft ideas from magazines like Oriental Trading, Country Home, SmileMakers and other crafty magazines.  So don’t throw those magazines out, but keep them in a special place where the kids know that the magazines safe to cut up and play with are (so they don’t attack your new ones you haven’t read yet).  If you have some kid-appropriate ones they can also work on their reading!  You can also do lots of other fun things with magazines, like cutouts for doll houses, ideas for painting and labels for toy storage.

-food!  Food is a fun way to keep them entertained and a great way to have them help you with the cooking.  You can check out this fun post with creative food ideas to get you started.

-outdoor games, activities and crafts.  There are so many fun things the kids can do outside.  From playing with water to building sand castles and tree forts, there should be no end to the adventures of imagination your kids can experience!

-there are tons of resources and ideas on line too.  Some of my favorites are FamilyFun, Kaboose, Food Network, King Arthur, Michaels, and Martha.

I’ll also be sharing specific craft, food and fun ideas throughout the summer that would be fun to do too, so stay tuned!

Do you have a favorite activity that you do with your kids over the summer months?  Share your ideas below 🙂


One thought on “Summer Fun for the Kids

  1. I grew up with a stay at home mom that always kept us busy when we couldn’t. We baked, cooked, crafts, you name it. Recently I made cupcakes for some kids I was looking after and made decorator frosting. I made all sorts of colors and had bowls and zip locks make into pastry bags. They had a blast. Ages 8-16. They all did it. So much fun I made another box!

    I also did this a long time ago. Found a craft that involved men’s ties, wire coat hanger, some polyfil, felt scraps, pipe cleaners and made snakes with them.

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