Creative Fruits and Vegetables

One of the awesome opportunities June brings us is fruit and vegetable month.  I’ve found some fun and creative ideas as well as some yummy recipes to share with you today!  I’d love to hear your creative ideas with fruit and vegetables too!

Fruit and Vegetable Fun

Fruit Pizza!

Add your favorite vegetables to these vegetable flowers.

These mice are yummy to have in the kitchen.

Add a face to your tomatoes.

Fruits and vegetables are sharing the love here.

Make a snack mix with dried fruit.

Love these hearts!

Slice up a couple fruits for this snack.

Sandwiches with vegetables are yummy on a stick.

Make your favorite shape in watermelon or another fruit or vegetable.  .

Fruit Recipes

What will you do with a blueberry or two?

Try this fun and creative fruit cake!

Too hot for you?  Try frozen fruit bites.

Add something special to these strawberries.

How about a pineapple decoration good enough for a gift?

You won’t trifle long over this fruity dessert.

Tropical fruit with lime will get you in the summer mood.

What flower will you make?

Is your kiwi happy or mad?

Add a little something special to your drink with rainbow ice cubes.

Fruity desserts including shortcake, dessert nachos, and pear and cranberry crisps.

Grill pound cake and add your favorite fruits.

Want to make homemade ice pops?  Try these with real fruit!

Add a little fruit to a guilty pleasure, ice cream! (try it with frozen yogurt to make it a little less guilty)

Still want more?  Here are 24 amazing ideas including banana splits, fruit skewers, strawberry jelly and gelato with fruit salad!

Vegetable Recipes

Lookout for this potato volcano!

Get creative with peas.  Try adding cheese and tomatoes if your kids don’t like peppers and almonds.

Add carrots to their own dip for a bunny-ready treat!

Make a hungry octopus from a pepper.

Stuck on broccoli? They’re really trees now.

I hope you enjoyed these recipes and were inspired by the creative ideas.  Have you ever done something creative with food for your guests or your kids?  I’d love to hear your ideas below.

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