Summer Inspired Creativity

The summer is filled with opportunities to be inspired creatively.  Grab your camera, sketch pad and favorite creative tools and come along for the ride!

Go to the…

beach and see seagulls, surf, volleyball, people running, seashells, and fishermen.

backyard and see kids, birds, bunnies, chipmunks, flowers, grass, and growing vegetables.

pool and see splashes,kids playing, laughing faces, sunlight reflecting, floats floating and sunscreen sitting.

Go on…

vacation and see faraway lands, different people, new colors, strange animals, awesome natural creations.

morning walks and see neighbors, dogs, flowers, trees, children laughing, and fun chalk drawings.

Observe the…

water falling, crashing, dripping and still.

wind rocking boats, pushing trees and cooling people.

sun warming the earth, coloring skin, and growing plants.

animals playing, making babies, living naturally and eating.

food being eaten, created, decorated, enjoyed, and shared.

plants growing, being eaten, running wild, and changing colors.


friends laughing, living, joking, and crying.

kids learning, changing, relaxing, and playing.

your partner strong, brave, challenged and tired.

family new, old, together, and apart.

strangers as you drive and walk, in the office, down the street, and on vacation.

What will you do with your summer?  Where will creativity strike you and will you be ready?

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