Getting Creative for Summer

We’re rapidly approaching the first day of summer!  I’m super excited as usual!  Most of you don’t enjoy the heat of the summer like I do, so here are some fun and creative ways to stay cool.

Keep those kids busy with creative ideas (and have some fun yourself):

Homemade ice cream.  Maybe this is more food than creative, but add your favorite flavors and it will get pretty exciting.

Suncatcher window crafts.

Salt art.

A whole bunch of fun ideas for wearing and accessorizing.  What does your T-shirt say about you?

Have leftover sand?  Use it to make candles.

Add a little fun to your flip flops!

Don’t forget to send a cheerful summer card to relatives and friends.

Bring the summer indoors with this watermelon step stool.

Do something special for the birds with this cabana bird house.

How about some of those old camp crafts you remember?  Like stick vases, newspaper hat, personalized nature pals, spray painting, homemade finger paints, and friendship sticks?

Summer is a great opportunity to eat too!

Black bean dip.

Grilled shrimp w corn and black bean salad.

Too hot to cook? Have a salad!

Pork kabobs.

Lemon & garlic tiger prawns.

Carrot cake cupcakes.

Chocolate covered banana pops.

Strawberry lemonade ice pops.

Tropical breakfast smoothie.

Raspberry lime rickey.

Cool summer drinks including cherry vanilla smoothie, perfect fruit punch, lemon juice juleps, and sparkling star punch!!

Try something new this summer!  What are your creative plans for this summer?  Share your thoughts below.


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