Creating Outdoors

June is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the great outdoors! I love being outside, and there’s nothing better than doing a little crafting and creating to go along with it. Some of the ideas are great for kids, others are better for adults, and some are fun for all ages! If you’ve got an outdoor themed creation, share it below!

If you’re a gardener, you’ll enjoy plant pokes.

Try this “permanent” sand sculpture.

If they’ve got to catch those bugs, might as well make a craft out of it!  Don’t forget to release the bugs though.

Need a new friend? How about a pet rock?

Chalk is one awesome creative instrument, make your own!

Show your family what they mean to you with a family plaque. Did I mention rocks are involved?

Don’t forget to be comfy!  Make outdoor pillows.

Spiff up those party lights with some color!

Get festive with butterflies.

Make bamboo into candle holders, add citronella if you want to use them at night!

Tie-dye your own beach towels or clothes.

Use bandanas for more than covering your head while outside.

Don’t forget to have fun!  Make a boomerang for hours of entertainment.

Love Smores?  Make them the eco-friendly way!

Nothing is more fun than chasing bubbles!  Try these two fun experiments.

Use some wood and make something special!

Not near a quarry or dig site?  Create your own fossils!

Let those artists have at it!  You’ll have the best looking rocks in town.

Here’s another great idea for creative lighting.

Decorate with a little flower power.

Try some origami for your next fancy picnic.

Don’t let those bottles sweat at your picnic!  Wrap them!

Picnic disturbed by flying tablecloths?  Worry no more!

Need more pillows?  Here’s another idea.

Make this awesome rug to clean those shoes and feet off before going inside.

For a little more risky creativity, try decorating with bleach!

Bring the outdoors in with this log cabin caddy.

Add a little sunshine to your life!

Still need more?  Try these 14 fun toddler activities.

What will you do to celebrate the outdoors this year?  Share your ideas below.


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