Celebrating Fathers

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away.  If you haven’t thought about how to celebrate the men in your life, or what you can do to show them your appreciation, here are a few out of the box thoughts to get you started!


Personal Pretzels,a photo bookmark (for his book or the book you’re reading together), notepad for dad, don’t just get him another tie-personalize it,  personalized pub glasses, personal photo blocks, cookie tube for dad, pom-pom tie guy (too cute to not include)


Tape measure, dogs, ties, footprint poem, paper-airplane cards (great for coupons too)


Broccoli, Ham and Cheese Omelet, Asian Meatball Subs, Lobster Rolls, Ale-Brined Roasted-Turkey Sandwich, Grilled Fajitas, PB&J Chocolate Bars, Blondies, BBQ cupcakes.  (Need more? Try these 100 ideas)


-Ice Cream: nothing goes better with a hot June day than ice cream.  You could do the usual sundaes, or you could buy a bunch of little containers (pint size or smaller) of a whole variety and either do a tasting or make sundaes with not-usual flavors.

-Let dad have the day to himself, let him choose where to go, and who to be with.  If the kids want to “take” dad on a special outing, plan it for another day so dad can choose what he wants to do.

-Do a family fun day.  Go to a baseball game, go fishing, go camping, or just hang out as a family at home and watch movies.

Share your ideas too!  Do you have a favorite Father’s Day memory?

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