Flags of Fun

Have you gotten creative with flags lately?  In celebration of flag day next week let’s look at a whole bunch of ways we can create with flags!

stained glass-stepping stones

collage-make a collage with red, white and blue pictures laid out in the shape of a flag.

coloring-red, white and blue of course!

sewing-sew your own flag

gardening-pots for flowers

painting-paint a flag on a warm summer day

writing-write a poem or tribute

drawing-draw a flag in the breeze

craft-napkin rings

embroidery-embroider a flag on a pillow or hand towel

cooking-try a berry trifle, flag cookies, or cupcakes

cards-hand stitched greetings

decorating-fly a flag!

soap-flag soap

quilting-a patriotic design

jewelry-bead a heart flag, or create pins

collecting-check out this collection of patriotic memorabilia

clothes design-make this flag friendly shirt

crafts-try this pencil decoration

photography-photograph a flag in action in a parade

wood working-make a wooden flag

knitting-knit a creative decoration

music-try the star spangled banner, or you’re a grand old flag.

sand-use sand to create a flag pattern

Share any flag themed items you have created below!


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