Graduation Celebration

We’re right in the middle of graduation season, in between college and school graduations.  Let’s talk about what fun, food, and festive decorations you can have at your next party!


Try some games like hang man and jeopardy that show off how much the graduates have learned (and how little the rest of us remember!)  Or you could have some fun with many different backyard games.

Everyone can make and decorate a mini graduation cap!  Or just send some home as favors.


How about a cake that looks like a diploma? Or a fun and chocolaty mortarboard?

For dinner options, you can do a barbecue, or serve summery appetizers.

Getting festive:

Martha shares some interesting and easy to do ideas including banners, flags, seals and more.

Don’t forget gifts! How about a mug, autograph dog or mortarboard filled with kisses?

Try this mortarboard napkin for decoration!

If you’re serious about the party and having a lot of guests, you can use this resource to organize all your lists and make sure you’ve got it all covered!  (for even more help and ideas you can check out here and here.)

Make a scrapbook of accomplishments that can be available at the graduation party for guests to check out.

Oh-and don’t forget to thank your teachers!  They might enjoy these yummy truffles.

Do you have a graduate you’re celebrating this year?  Share their story, and your party ideas below!


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