FF: Laurie Anderson

Happy Friday! Today’s guest is Laurie Anderson. She paints beautiful pictures and jewelry!  Let’s meet Laurie.

Why are you passionate about art & jewelry?

I am passionate about my art because it is a natural talent I have had since a little girl.  It gives me much joy and pleasure to be painting and creating.  Being a woman, I love jewelry. Why not incorporate a work of art into the jewelry!

What got you started with art and being creative as a business?

Twenty years ago, I discovered I was very good at portraits and sold my first commissioned portrait of two children in 1991.  I’ve been drawing and painting ever since.  Over the years, I did go to Art & Craft shows with my art as a vendor,  but having a job and being a Mom, I was not able to go to very many.  Now, I have quit my day job, (going on two years) and I work as an artist full time, as my business!  I have my own website and a shop on Etsy, as well.

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve created?

That is so hard to answer!  I will do a painting that I really like, then the next one I paint, I will like even better.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I have various shows booked till the end of the year.  Just recently, a local park is selling my art prints, cards & jewelry in its gift shop.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

Just never give up!  Always create what is in your heart and what you enjoy doing, NOT what you think other people would want.  When I complete a commissioned pencil portrait order or a watercolor house painting order, and the people share with me how thrilled they are, (sometimes with tears of joy)  THAT is when I feel truly BLESSED!

You can connect with Laurie on Twitter, at her website and on Etsy (and here’s one of my favorites of Laurie’s work).

Thank you Laurie, I love your unique and beautiful perspective on art and jewelry!  I look forward to seeing your work in more shows and more places around the US!  Thanks for sharing!


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