Memorial Day Fun

Are you a Veteran?  Do you know one?  This Monday is an opportunity for all of us in America, and even around the world, to celebrate and thank the troops who have served in the military.  My personal belief is that regardless of whether you support wars, it’s essential to support and thank the troops.  So I hope that you’ll join me in gathering with friends and family this Monday and celebrating them.

Before we dive into all the fun though, let’s take some time to get to know about this special holiday.  You can learn about the history of Memorial Day here, discover some books about Memorial Day here, and check out the great resources to share with your children about being in the military, celebrating Memorial day and teaching kids to love America from


Sunny Anderson from Food Network’s ideas for a picnic for the troops.

And more ideas from Food Network.

Also check out my post last week on summer BBQ ideas.


Craft ideas from Apples for the Teacher including a flag bead pin, flag box, patriotic beaded angel, and patriotic placemat.

Craft ideas from Enchanted Learning including a wreath, pinwheel, standing star and windsock, all patriotic of course!

Don’t forget some poppys too!  Robin shares a great template to get you started.

On Monday I shared some fun and crafty ideas for crafting and decorating for Memorial Day.

Also, get in some exercise with some fun backyard games with the whole family!


What party would be complete without decorations!?  You can start with getting all your plates, cups and silverware in red, white and blue, and use some of these ideas to add style!

Decorating ideas from Better Homes & Gardens including bunting, stars & stripes and country flair.

Of course we can’t forget flags, flags and more flags too!

What are you doing to celebrate Memorial Day? Picnic? Parade? Barbecue?  Share your fun ideas, and crafty Memorial Day decorations below.

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