Creating for Mental Health

How are you feeling today?  I hope you’re feeling great, enjoying a nice day, warm beverage and great company.  Every day isn’t a great day for most people though, and that reason often stems from their mental health state.  May is Mental Health Month so today we’re talking about using creativity as a way to improve your mental health.

I’ve spoken with countless creative individuals who have said that doing creative things such as painting, dance, jewelry making and sculpture have not only gotten them through mental challenges like depression, stress, bullying, PTSD and others.  While I’m not a doctor, I’ve personally found that creativity is a great tool for healing and strengthening your mind.

If you’re struggling with a mental issue, don’t be afraid to get help.  There are tons of resources and online support groups that you can connect with. Don’t forget about Twitter and Facebook too, there are tons of creative individuals there that you can connect with and encourage each other too. Second, do something good for yourself!  Pick up a creative activity like drawing, clothes designing, singing or cooking.  With each creative expression you’ll feel more like yourself, your mind will relax and you’ll regain some of the confidence you’ve lost through your struggle with mental health.

If you’re not dealing with a health issue, creativity is still a great way to express yourself and help your mind stay healthy.  What creative activity has helped you most in life?  Share your stories and ideas below.

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