FF: Julia Forsyth

Today we’re talking with a creative and passionate artist, Julia Forsyth!  She’s got some exciting things going on!

Why are you passionate about art?

Even before I knew how to put it into words, I’ve always been Color’s #1 fan for as far back as I can remember. Every painting completed comes with its own roller coaster ride of highs and lows experienced in the painting process, but also part of the emotional package deal is the deep feeling of accomplishment that I get when I’ve ridden the highs, weathered the lows, and completed a painting that I’m happy with in the end. And then, on top of that, having the privilege of someone else getting that same connection?! And becoming so smitten with the art that he or she wants it to become part of their life too? Love it!

What got you started with art and later being creative as a profession?

If crayons were within my reach, I considered animals, flowers, rainbows, Christmas trees, my dolls (as both canvas AND subject), and dramatically-depicted weather to be fair game for my creative interpretation. Museum-quality Shrinky Dinks and Spirographs were attempted with gleeful abandon.

Not surprisingly, my favorite class in elementary was art. Favorite class in jr. high school and high school? Yep, still art. In high school, art became a little more sophisticated and got even more fabulous (how was that possible?!) as I learned how to make art with watercolor, batik, gouache, oil paint, pen and ink, linocuts, and clay.

Since art had always been my favorite class in school from elementary through high school and even in college, I decided to go with what I loved and got my degree in painting. Since then, I’ve been busy in my studio figuring out how to strike the right balance between work, family, and art-making. I’ve been lucky to have commission paintings and other art sales come my way from time to time when the focus was more on work.

Fast-forward five years from the time when two bouncing baby boys under two years old ruled our house, and I’m rapidly approaching what I’ve coined as my “Golden Year.” Our children will both be attending elementary school this year. That wondrous development will open up time for me to concentrate like I’ve never concentrated before on working as a professional artist.

What is some of your favorite work?

Some of my favorites are “Still,” “Indisputable Star,” “Not David the Elder,” “Diaphanous Daffodil” and you can check out more here.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

It would really rock to be represented in a gallery in the near future. So…right now I’m working on developing a complete series of paintings and drawings and exploring woodcut prints and mixed-media art to fill up those gallery walls and make their way into collectors’ hearts and homes.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

Well, I wish someone along the way had told me that even if your life changes drastically, you need to find a way to stay connected and actually do something (anything!) creatively on a semi-regular basis. That would have helped me so much! Adjusting to even a small drawing every few days or just taking a pic or reblogging something that blows your mind on Tumblr or wherever you find things that amaze you – do it! Don’t get stubborn and perfectionistic and decide Epic Artwork or Nuthin’ (ahem…I’ve “heard” certain creatives have had that thought cross their mind…) There’s so much middle ground to explore between Epic Artwork and Nuthin’ – go find it!

You can connect with Julia on Facebook, Twitter, at her website, on Flickr and Tumblr.

Thanks Julia!  I’m all excited to get out my paintbrushes and pencils now.  Can’t wait to see what you do in the future!

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork by Julia?  Share it below.


4 thoughts on “FF: Julia Forsyth

  1. Very cool art. Good luck on getting in a gallery. I’m sure if you get your series together, you’ll do well. I live in Kansas City and it’s a super supportive city of art. We have our own district. Hope you have that where you are.

  2. Thanks Sarah! I appreciate your kind comment. I’ve never been to Kansas City before, but you’re making it look appealing to an artist. 🙂

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