FF: We Design Studios

Today we’re talking with a pair of creatives.  David and Laura of We Design Studios have been sharing their gifts with the world through drawing and designing!

Why are you passionate about drawing?

Our passion for drawing originates from four identifiable areas. The first is a desire to understand forms. Drawing engages the brain differently than just looking or touching something. One can perceive deeply when focusing on an object and rendering it. From understanding springs the second area: communicating. An artist or designer essentially exists to broadcast ideas to the public. Drawing gives life and a sense of permanence to otherwise ephemeral ideas, which makes it an important component for a well-rounded life. The third area is problem-solving. David’s training in landscape architecture informed him on how communities live or die by the quality of well-designed solutions to the challenges they face. An inner city neighborhood suffering from the ills of social dysfunction, for example, can begin to foster openness and a free-exchange of ideas through the elegant design of a community garden. Laura’s training in the fine arts demonstrates how the very act of painting is an exercise in micro problem-solving. An oil painter is constantly faced with the dilemma of what colors to combine to render a cloud, face, chair or shadow. Lastly, our passion for drawing is rooted in the evolution process. Designers and artists constantly speak of the creative process where a project is launched from point A but ends up at point B, which is often a very different (but often better) place than initially imagined. Drawing is being an active participant in evolution. You can examine this on a project-by-project basis or take in the thousands of years humans have been designing things. We are in a very different place now than we were when mud huts and tepees were the modern buildings of the day.

What got you started with design and being creative?

We met in the woods in Georgia last summer leading a crew of high school students on a month-long environmental conservation program. Both of us come from a design background and decided to join up together to cover a wide spectrum of design services (illustration, landscape, fine arts, environmental). You can learn more here.

What is one of your projects that you’re most passionate about currently?

We just launched our latest art education series “365 Days Of Drawing“. The course delivers daily email lessons as well as offers online resources such as interviews with professional artists, video tutorials and one-on-one critiques with Laura. We are really passionate about encouraging everyone to pick up a pencil and draw and 365 Days is designed to make drawing accessible to all.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

We are currently exploring a trip abroad to Asia to spread creative encouragement and to pick up on new inspiration. Our idea is to hook up with an NGO or development organization and offer our skills to provide art/design education to communities.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

Keep drawing. Don’t get discouraged or stuck just because what you drew differs from what you had in mind. Just keep at it and find inspiration in your budding talent. Take in the world around you from new sources of inspiration. Drawing is also seeing deeply so accept this new sense as you continue creating.

You can connect with David and Laura at their website, on Facebook, on Tumbler, on Etsy, and tweet with them at their We Design Studios and 365 Days to Draw Twitter pages.

Well I know what I’m going to do tonight, draw!   Thanks David and Laura for spreading the message about drawing and design!

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