Cinco de Mayo Party

May is rapidly approaching.  I love celebrating Cinco de Mayo because it’s such a festive, active, alive event.  The culture around Cinco de Mayo is boisterous and lively.  I’d love to hear your favorite Mexican recipes, crafts and game ideas, feel free to share them below.


Straw flowers, mini sombrero, Mexican dancing doll, tambourines, place mats.


Dips/Guacamole/Salsa: 7 Layer bean dip, Cilantro Lime Salsa, Black Bean and Corn Salsa, Cinnamon Tortilla Chips and fruit Salsa, Fresh Tomato Salsa, 71 Guacamole recipes.

Fajitas: Gold Medal Sizzling Fajitas, Fiesta Fajitas, Chicken Fajitas.

Nachos: Buffalo Chicken, Jerk Pork, 50 other yummy ideas.

Enchiladas/Empanadas: Chicken and Cheese, Cheesy Fried Chicken.

Tacos: Red Chile Short Ribs, Fish Tacos.

Other meal ideas: Portabellas with Corn Salsa, Mexican Sushi Bites.

Desserts: Sopapillas with Chocolate Sauce, Churros with Coconut Sauce, Flan, Sombrero Cookies.

Drinks: Margaritas 10 ways, Mojito Limeade, Paloma Cooler.


Bingo: instead of the usual B I N G O board, write the letters C I N C O in the top 5 spaces and fill in the numbers as usual.

Learn some Spanish: You and your kids can learn some simple Spanish words that will not only be lots of fun to say, they’re also practical!

Pinata: this is always a fun activity, stuffing a paper mache animal or object with candy and toys and hitting it until the goodies spill onto the floor.

Mexican Hat Dance: great for getting the sillies out, play Mexican music while the kids dance around the sombrero or another hat.

Read a book about Cinco de Mayo.  There are many great books available at your local library, maybe some of these.

Make your own mariachi band.  Make some musical instruments and dance around making your own Mexican music!


Use lots of bright colors!  Red, Green and white are the colors of the Mexican flag and often used at Cinco de Mayo parties.

You could have Sombreros for your guests to wear.

There are also some cute little hot pepper (Christmas) lights you can use to illuminate your party.

Have a favorite game, craft, decoration or food that you have for Cinco de Mayo?  Share it below!

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