Creating with Purpose

Why are you creative?  What is it about being creative that you’ve decided to include it in your life?

This month on my other blogs we’ve been talking about purpose.  As a creative individual myself, and through my interactions with other creative people, it has become very apparent that being creative is part of each of our purposes.  We’re all different, but each of us have some type of creativity that is essential to who we are and how we express ourselves.

In fact, it is that creativity that is one of the best ways to express and live your purpose. Your reason for living, your passion for life, your specific message all come together in purpose and are wonderfully channeled through creativity.

I love meeting people who are passionately in love with creativity and expressing their purpose through their creative abilities.  It’s one of the reasons I do Feature Friday.  Everyone creates differently and expresses themselves through their work with differing degrees of awareness.

Your creativity is the best way to get to know yourself, to learn about yourself, and to express yourself.  Don’t ever believe the words of someone who says that being creative is unimportant and that you should focus more on something else.  Your dedication to creativity, to expression, to passion, and to purpose are some of the most important things you will focus on in your life.

Make time every day to participate in something creative.  You’ll thank yourself years from now that you did.

Why do you love being creative, and expressing your purpose though creativity?  Share your insights below.

One thought on “Creating with Purpose

  1. I find being creative challenging. Whether it’s designing a piece of jewelry, or creating a marketing plan during my full-time marketing manager position. I personally, don’t like to work out, but I love to work out my brain 🙂

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